As a Drama Instructor, Erica encourages her students to feel safe and nurtured while she inspires them to grow as individuals. Erica's ability to
communicate effectively to both children and adults is remarkable. Erica is intelligent, creative, warm and enthusiastic as well as a pleasure to work with. In short, I highly recommend Erica Sodos, as I am sure that she would be an asset to any organization.

-Andrew Nance
Conservatory Director at the New Conservatory Theater

Liza LOVED the class. She looked forward to it every week. As a child who has always been a bit on the quiet side, this class really helped her to use her voice, and enjoy it! The dramatic play was also a great learning experience for her and really opened up her imagination to many more possibilities!
-Elizabeth Ramaker

Workshops and Classes

Drama/Acting Classes
Clowning Classes

Erica Sodos is available for School Programs, Recreation Centers, Libraries, Day Care Centers, Private Lessons

Erica’s classes are extremely fun, inspiring and educational. She is available to teach adults and children of all ages including pre-school to teenager. She also loves to direct plays for children of all ages. Often, she can write a play suitable for your age group.

Description of the different classes that Erica Sodos offers:

Theatre from the Beginning
This is a workshop which enables the students to create their own characters, relationships and storyline. It can be very empowering to co-create a piece of theatre from the very beginning. Leading the children through a variety of improvisational games each child will create a character of their own making. Once they have a strong sense of their character they will begin to form relationships with the others in the class. We will then create a play from the in class improvisations.

History Through a Clown’s Eyes
The students will study different historical periods and the clown from that era. We will discuss how the Clown character reflected the culture and why they were a vital element to society. Class will include acting games.

The students will discover their own personal Clown. They will learn basic Clown skills and then create a costume, name and routine for their own personal unique Clown.

Games/Play Acting
These fun games include acting like different animals, objects and people. Here the children can develop relationships and act ‘as if’. These classes include lots of pantomime, imaginary scenarios and vocal games.

Here the children have the opportunity to act out well known fairytales and stories. The children are also able to create and act out stories right out of their own imaginations. We work with lots of costumes, hats and props. Using a variety of puppets the children are able to create voices and stories for the puppets.

Utilizing guitar, drum, flute and various percussive instruments the children are led through different games encouraging them to move in a variety of ways. These exercises incorporate dance, yoga and lots of freezes.

Acting it into Reality
Is the real life comedy/drama any different than acting in a play? In our own lives we are also the actors, writers, directors, set and costume designers. Through theater games, improvisation, magic and movement we will create new scenes for ourselves.

Erica Sodos can create a special program created for you.Creative play is extremely enjoyable, expands the imagination and allows for freedom of expression and the release of emotions. Drama classes help develop self-confidence and ability to work constructively with others.

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