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"Thank you again for the incredible show yesterday! We were thrilled with your performance and we received incredible feedback from all the parents and kids. One Dad commented, "Wow, you really scored with originality with the clown...she was awesome!"  The kids squealed with delight and giggled so hard that they fell over at times! The kids were captivated by the magic and there were giant grins on each little face. You truly captured 4 year old humor and at the same time, provided great entertainment for the adults as well. We couldn't have asked for more!"
-Jennifer and Scott

"Thank you so much for all that you did for John’s party. You were awesome! It was such a hit and it helped the party run so smoothly. I cannot even tell you!  It was just so great. I had so many friends ask after you. You did such an incredible job! Thank you so much!"
-Robin O’Brian

"Thank you again for the amazing entertainment you provided for Addie's 4th Birthday Party!  You truly exceeded my expectations!  Addie and her sisters still talk about how "silly" Rosy Rosebud was. Having you at the party made the whole day special.  It was magical to see how you held all of the kid’s attention for a full hour and how they all engaged in your performance!  That's quite an accomplishment with 2-4 year olds! So, thank you again for bringing your wonderful talent, energy and joy to the birthday party.  We all enjoyed you, adults and kids alike!  We can't wait to have you again sometime!"
-Laurie Kolb PMP

"EVERYBODY LOVED YOU!!!!!!! Thanks so much, you were the hit of the party. Hayden was a little shy and overwhelmed to meet an actual clown, but truly was enrapt.  The best was after falling asleep in the car on the way home after a huge day, we snuck him into the house and as we got him changed into his jammies he woke up and belted out, "ROSIE ROSEBUD!" and went back to sleep without another word. Wow.  We look forward to another chance to enjoy your talents. You are great!"
-Tania Shonengal

"Just wanted to thank you again for your special contribution to our family party ..... you were just delightful and totally entertaining:) You flowed very nicely with our mixed group of people and we couldn't have been more pleased! "
-Karen Brown

Batman Paint"Captain Rosebud was fabulous.  From the moment she walked in the door until she left, my kids and the other children at the party were laughing and having a ball.  She was entertaining, engaging, and many of the other mom’s were so impressed and asked  “How did you find her!!!”.  I would highly recommend using Rosy and would use her again in a heartbeat!!"

"We absolutely loved Erica the Jester. She was a wonderful addition to our 6 year old's "Renaissance" party.  She was way beyond what words can describe."
-Lori Preston, Mom of Alexander the Knight :)


“Erica is a wonderful performer and has added to the success of our company. She is often requested by our clients who have raved about her ability to hold a crowd. She is versatile, creative and easy to work with. Erica has a number of different characters and skills and she performs all of them with true professionalism. She is sweet, charming and charismatic and the children and adults love her. We highly recommend her."
-Jeannie Lauren - Owner of Skyana Entertainment

"Tweedles the Elf was a fantastic addition to our annual ice show at The Ice Rink at One Boulder Plaza. For weeks we had kids stopping by to see if the elf was still at the rink! We can't wait to have Tweedles back again next year."
- Ashley Ortiz, Manager of The Ice Rink at One Boulder Plaza

"With her boundless energy and enthusiasm, Erica "Tweedles" Sodos captivated our kids: tots-teens alike. Her vitality brought new life and participation to our adult party, as well."
-Judith Lazar FACMPE, Executive Practice Manager, CNS Medical Group, PC

Rosy the Clown"Erica hit the ground running (clowning)…. She was fantastic.  She is a great performer who has a strong engaging style that keeps people with her and laughing." 
-Jefferson County Public Library

"As Education Curator at the Aurora History Museum, I have hired Erica Sodos on a number of occasions to provide programs either at the Museum or at Aurora’s historic DeLaney Farm site. She has presented storytelling programs, magic shows, and other entertaining activities to a wide ranging audience of mostly families and children. Each time she did an outstanding job. I would highly recommend her.

" Her performance style is engaging and energetic. She is able to read her audience and adapt her presentation to various situations. I’ve seen her move from a calm, relaxing delivery to an energetic, exciting style in the same performance depending on the material and the audience reaction. She engages children at their level, maintaining eye contact, asking questions, and listening closely to their responses. Her care and interest are evident during each interaction.

"In my experience, Erica’s programs appeal to a variety of audiences and venues. She is detailed, conscientious, and always friendly. She is easy to work with and eager to provide a quality program each time. I would and most likely will hire her again for future programming at the Museum."
- Jennifer Kuehner, Education Curator

"Erica was excellent, entertaining and enthusiastic A true professional. Erica's energy was so wonderful.
The whole audience was engaged spanning in age from 2 to 3 year olds to 9 year olds to the adults.
Observing a female magician was such a positive role model for the girls as most magicians are male."
-Fort Collins Regional Library District

"Erica did an extraordinary job helping us make our 50th Anniversary Celebration a great success! She is an engaging and hugely entertaining performer for both children and adults. From the moment she walked into our event this past Saturday heads turned and people stopped and gathered around to see her amazing magic tricks. She brought a ton of fun to our event, and we definitely look forward to having her back when we hold another event in the future."
-Jason Bauer, VP Marketing, Boulder Valley Credit Union


"Erica is a dynamic and engaging teacher who continues to impress students and parents alike with her professionalism and ability to keep a strong class focus.  In addition to teaching we have also utilized Erica’s physical theater and magic skills by employing her to perform during some our theater events.  She has performed as a variety of different characters including her Clown character.  She is always a center attraction to our patrons who rave about how entertaining she is. 

Erica is also a talented performer.  I am fortunate to have seen a few of her self crafted one woman shows.   I find her shows to be extremely funny, deep and poignant.  Her latest piece, which I have just recently seen, is a mixture of astonishing mind-boggling magic and physical theater.  I am continually impressed by Erica’s physical flexibility and strength, her willingness to walk a creative edge and by her captivating and honest presence on stage. 

Erica is clearly committed to her path as an actor and theater educator, is passionate about her work and strives to be authentic in all she does.  I believe that she would be a great benefit to any school that employs her services."
- Michelle Romeo, Artistic Director for the Rocky Mountain Theater for Kids

"Erica has taught several Theatre Fun and Games classes for children ages 3-5 years. She has an incredible imagination and ability to engage young children in storytelling, creative movement and theatre games.  Erica was always very patient and well prepared for classes. While working with young children, Erica was very enthusiastic and encouraging. She connected with each children and made them feel confident and at ease while performing."
-Beth Litz, Shalom Baby Director

"Liza LOVED the class. She looked forward to it every week. As a child who has always been a bit on the quiet side, this class really helped her to use her voice, and enjoy it! The dramatic play was also a great learning experience for her andreally opened up her imagination to many more possibilities!"
-Elizabeth Ramaker

"As a Drama Instructor, Erica encourages her students to feel safe and nurtured while she inspires them to grow as individuals. Erica‚s ability to communicate effectively to both children and adults is remarkable. Erica is intelligent, creative, warm and enthusiastic as well as a pleasure to work with. In short, I highly recommend Erica Sodos, as I am sure that she would be an asset to any organization."
-Andrew Nance, Conservatory Director at the New Conservatory Theater


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