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Erica hit the ground running (clowning)?. She was fantastic. She is a great performer who has a strong engaging style that keeps people with her and laughing. 
- Jefferson County
Public Library

Erica Sodos specializes in educational entertainment that is
fun, interactive and magical!

"Erica Sodos, AKA Captain Rosebud, was a fabulous addition to our Make-a-Splash Summer Reading promotion at the Farmington Public Library this past Spring.  She is equally comfortable in front of an audience of 25 two year olds or an audience of 600 grade schoolers.  She mesmerizes audiences from age 1 – 100 with wonderful story telling abilities and a magical presentation style. Erica readily adapts her presentation and persona to her audience age and attention levels.  I highly recommend her as a performer for any venue, public or private.  We will definitely be seeing Erica at the Farmington NM Public Library again and soon!"
~ Barbara Huffington

Erica has performed for hundreds of libraries and schools throughout the country. All of her shows are extremely interactive and combine incredible magic and storytelling. Erica’s shows focus on and inspire the imagination and it is the audience that ultimately makes the magic happen!

For the 2015 Library Summer Reading program Erica is excited to announce her special show and workshop incorporating the Every Hero Has a Story theme. Her favorite character with the current theme is:

The SuperSHEro Show
In this incredibly interactive magic show Erica plays a SuperSHEro whose mission is to spread magic and inspire people wherever she goes. She tells magical stories and teaches her audiences about the superpowers that live inside each and every one of us. Superpowers such as our ability to create, think, read and love.

Workshop: What's Your SuperPower?
This workshop utilizes creative and fun theater games, improvisation and costumes. The children will create their own Superhero character and explore the type of Superpowers they would have as that character. Optional short performance at the end of the workshop.

Erica can perform at schools for entertainment as well as for education. Two of her favorite school-themed shows include:

Believe in Yourself
Incorporating magic, physical comedy and abundant audience participation Erica educates students about the value of self esteem and provides them with the tools to discover it within themselves.  Tools that are addressed during the performance include self acceptance, positive thinking and creating healthy boundaries.

Optional Workshop: The workshop following the performance offers the students an opportunity to work firsthand with the tools conveyed during the performance. Incorporating writing, theatre games and crafting one’s very own self esteem tool box the students are supported to challenge underlying negative thoughts and beliefs about themselves.

Listen to the Environment
In this performance Erica portrays the Wild Earth Elf who has come from the depths of the forest to educate students about trees, plants and dirt.   In a fun, magical and extremely interactive way the students learn how to understand and respect the earth and all of her creatures.

Teen Shows
Erica’s performances for teenagers are a combination of mind reading, fortune telling and explorations into the powers of the mind. She captivates and enthralls the teenagers with her skills in telepathy, making predictions, ESP and memory routines.


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