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Erica Sodos the Clown

Event Services

Erica Sodos has over 15 years experience bringing her whimsical
exuberance to parties, stages, and celebrations of all kinds. 

Erica LOVES to perform at: Erica Sodos the Clown

  • Corporate Events
  • Picnics
  • Holiday Celebrations
  • Libraries
  • Schools
  • Fairs
  • Festivals
  • Churches
  • Bar-Bat Mitzvahs
  • Parades
  • Family Events
  • Emceeing for Large and Small Events

Erica Sodos specializes in helping you to have the BEST EVENT EVER!!!!  You will worry less about your party as Erica will make sure everybody has a good time….or better yet everyone will have an amazing fun filled and inspired time.

So what exactly can Erica offer you? 

*Walk-Around CharacterErica Sodos: Event Services in Boulder, CO
*Stage Show
*Incredible Magic
*Close Up Entertainment
*Creative Theater Games
*Costume Dress Up
*Making up a Play

Erica Sodos is well known for her engaging, inspiring and hilarious magic shows.  She can perform as a magician or you can choose from one of her many characters.  Each show is tailored to the type of event and the ages of the audience.  All of her shows include stunning magic, sleight of hand and physical theater.  Depending upon which character you choose, the stage show can include exciting and hilarious physical comedy.  Rosy Rosebud the Clown often gets stuck in a trash can as she attempts to keep her pants from falling off.  Captain Rosebud can’t seem to keep her sword in place.  Each show is  extremely interactive and is essentially about empowering the audience into believing in real magic and their abilities to make that magic happen.

Perhaps you are having a banquet or wedding and you just want some fun and interactive mingling so that your guests can loosen up and laugh a little. Erica can meet and greet each guest as they enter the party with welcoming words and playful surprises. She can then walk around through the party as a variety of different characters performing magic, storytelling, humorous antics and mind reading.  Close-up magic is the most intimate form of magic as it happens right in the spectators own hands.  Either strolling through a crowd or going table to table this type of entertainment is particularly enjoyable and exciting for guests. 

FACE-PAINTINGCerridwen the Witch
Erica has a huge selection of beautiful designs for the cheek or for the full face. With her artistic mind she can usually paint anything that a child (or adult!) desires. However, she is most known for her unique and beautiful faeries and pirates!

Erica Sodos specializes in creating magic and delight for specific occasions.  Here are just a few of the holiday characters that Erica enjoys performing:

Tweedles the Elf: Tweedles is the number #1 hilarious and fun Elf from the North Pole!  In Addition to a holiday theme magic show, she also creates themed face-painting and balloons like Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and Candy Canes.

Cerridwen the Witch: Cerridwen performs a mysterious and interactive storytelling magic show over her fiery cauldron.  Perfect for Halloween or Harry Potter themed events.

Come up with an idea and it’s likely that Erica can suit your needs!

Here are a few samples of Erica's
gorgeous face-painting
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